White Wine & Prawn Tagliatelle

White Wine & Prawn Tagliatelle
White Wine & Prawn Tagliatelle

With my new-found love of prawns and summer drawing near, this dish came about as a light and fresh way to share a meal over a glass of white wine. It takes minutes to cook, so you don’t have to sweat in a hot kitchen!

Top tip: You can play around with this one a little, and make it to your taste – you can add parsley, even take out the chilli, and use as.

Serves 2


King Prawns (cooked and peeled) – 150g to 200g
Half Fat Creme Fraiche – 175g
Spring Onions – 10 (just over a bunch)
Garlic – 3 good-sized cloves (or 4!)
Medium Fresh Green Chilli – 1
White Wine (dry) – about 200ml
Chicken Oxo Cube – 1/2
Fresh Egg Tagliatelle – 6 baskets
Lemon – 1
Chives – half a small bunch
Butter (salted) – 25g

1. Chop the spring onions up to 1cm thick. Peel the garlic. De-seed the green chilli, and dice it finely. Chop the chives roughly too.

2. Using all but a handful, sauté the spring onions in the butter with crushed garlic until the onions soften. Add the prawns and chilli, and heat through for a minute. Then remove from the heat before you add in the wine.

3. At this point, put the fresh egg tagliatelle in a pan of boiling water, with a little salt.

4. Return the prawns and white wine to the heat and reduce the mixture by approximately half. Crumble half of the chicken oxo cube into the pan, and stir in until it dissolves.

5. Remove from the heat and stir in the creme fraiche. Add all but a handful of the chopped chives, and juice of half the lemon and stir in.

6. Drain the tagliatelle once it’s cooked, and add the mixture to the pasta.

Serve with the remaining chives and spring onions sprinkled on top, and a slice of lemon. You can also add some garlic bread to the plate, if your guests are hungry!


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