Glossary of Literary Terms

glossary of literary terms
glossary of literary terms

Thesaurus of Literary phrases

As a lover of literature, it’s crucial to have a great hold close of the technical language that authors and critics use while analyzing works of art. From metaphors to motifs, literary terms may be challenging to recognize, however after you do, you may have a higher appreciation of the craft and the artistry in the back of your favored books. In this article, we’ll outline and explain 15 essential literary terms which you want to realize to turn out to be a proficient literary analyst.

Table of Contents
The importance of Literary terms
Fiction Genres
Prose Fiction
Narrative elements
Literary gadgets

Literary phrases are the vocabulary of literature. They assist writers and readers alike apprehend the language of storytelling and poetry. Literary terms can consult with a wide sort of elements, from the exclusive genres of fiction to the narrative factors that make up a story. The phrases additionally include literary devices such as metaphor, imagery, and symbolism that writers use to carry meaning and emotion.

The significance of Literary terms

Literary phrases are essential due to the fact they allow writers to speak extra effectively with readers. Understanding literary phrases permit you to examine extra severely and examine the text for deeper that means. It is able to additionally help you become aware of patterns and subject matters in the writing that may not be right now apparent. Literary phrases also are important for writers due to the fact they give them a language to explain their craft.

Fiction Genres

Fiction is a broad time period that covers a extensive range of genres, each with its precise traits. Two of the most common genres of fiction are prose fiction and poetry.

Prose Fiction

Prose fiction is a genre that encompasses all kinds of fiction which might be written in prose, including novels and short stories. Prose fiction is characterized through its narrative structure, which incorporates a plot, characters, battle, and putting.


Poetry is a style of writing that is characterized by using its use of language to create rhythm, rhyme, and imagery. In contrast to prose, poetry is written in stanzas rather than paragraphs, and it regularly makes use of metaphor and different literary gadgets to create meaning.

Narrative factors

Narrative elements are the constructing blocks of a story. They consist of the plot, characters, warfare, and placing.


They can be both protagonists or antagonists and are critical for using the plot ahead.


Battle is the primary trouble or assignment that the characters in a tale face. It is able to be internal or outside and is frequently what drives the plot.


It includes the physical environment, the social context, and the historical technology.

Literary gadgets

Literary gadgets are strategies that writers use to convey which means and emotion. Some not unusual literary devices include imagery, metaphor, simile, symbolism, allusion, foreshadowing, and irony.


Imagery is the usage of language to create sensory impressions inside the reader’s thoughts. It is able to be visible, auditory, or tactile and is frequently used to create a temper or ecosystem.


A metaphor is a determine of speech that compares matters that are not alike but share some commonplace characteristics. As an example, “lifestyles is a adventure.”


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