How to dress up as a cricket batman in Kerala

The Kannur region in Kerala has a history of cricket.

In fact, the region has played the game for centuries and has played it in its entirety since the 14th century.

The Kannurs tradition of playing cricket dates back to the 1420s.

The Kutchas first batsman was an Indian immigrant named Suresh Kumar who played in the Bengal league for the Bombay Red Star.

He was also a leader in the Kannuri League.

In 1851, he was appointed the first captain of the Kutchak team and it would be four more years before the team reached the final of the Bengal League.

After his time with the Bengal team, Sureshd Kumar would retire and form his own cricket club, the Kavilikunam.

This was a unique club because it was based on the premise that the Kavanas cricket team would be given a chance to succeed by playing in a league, and in doing so, give an opportunity to other players.

In 1855, Satsangam, the club president, decided that they should start playing cricket.

It was this decision that led to a cricket club in the village of Satsangaar which was named Kaviliikunaman.

Kavilikkunaman would be renamed to Kavillaam, and this was the name given to the Kavi team in the 1880s.

However, the name changed again in the 1910s when the Kaveri Club was founded in Kannagar.

The club became known as Kavillikunama in 1912 and it was named after the Katchi (or Kaville) River.

The team would play cricket until 1921, when it was disbanded due to the War of Independence.

Kavanas first team of cricket was formed in 1915.

The team played for five years and then it was renamed as the Kivamunaman and would stay in Kaverikuname till 1922.

After the club was dissolved in 1922, the team was renamed Kavilesanam.

After the KAVILIKUNAM was disbanded, the league was established in 1921 and the Kava team was formed as a separate team.

The teams played for the next 15 years until the KVILIKMENAM team was disbanded in 1934.

In the 1970s, KAVILLIKUNAME and KAVILAAM were merged and the team played its first matches for the Kavalikunames first ever title in 1977.

The club would go on to win the KEVILIKMAN championship twice.

However the Kiva Samaj League was formed and the club would be formed as the Jiva Samani.KVILIKKANAM continued to play for the rest of its existence until 1993 when the team disbanded.

In 1997, the Kerala Cricket Association (KCA) formed an association in which Kavilekuna was incorporated as a club.

The league is still active and has a record of 532 wins and 16 losses.