What to Expect at New York’s Old Chicago Cookout

The first of two Chicago Cookout events will be held in the old city on April 23, with two more planned in New York in April 2018 and November 2021.

The Old Chillin’ Chicago Cookouts is a monthly event in the city of Chicago that brings together people from all walks of life to share ideas and share recipes.

It is an opportunity for those in the Chicago area to gather for lunch, dinner and dessert.

The event will be hosted by the old chicago restaurants, including the old school, old school restaurant, Old Chico, Old Chicago, and the classic old chilis, as well as many of the other chicago classic restaurants that have graced the city for decades.

This month, the old town of Chicago will be hosting the second annual event.

The event will include a special dinner with food and drinks, a dessert tasting, and a fun and festive family-friendly event for all ages.

This event is the first of its kind in Chicago and it will also be the first in New England.