How to cook a meal at Chipotle menu without eating fries

Chipotle, the food truck giant that’s now in the midst of a massive legal battle over its own marketing, is offering to stop selling fries on its menu after a customer wrote to Chipotle asking for them.

Chipotle’s response: “It’s a great idea, but not one we’re willing to make.”

“Chipotle has decided that a customer has a legitimate request for a particular menu item and that the company should cease selling fries,” the company wrote.

“That is the right and correct decision for the company, but we would never have chosen that path in the first place.”

“There are millions of people who want to eat Chipotle on a regular basis, so we feel it is important to show them the option that is available.”

Fries, which are served with an optional chipotle dipping sauce, are a popular item for Chipotle customers and can often be found in the burrito bowl on a variety of items.

The chain has since launched a new menu with a more healthy alternative, which has been available on the menu since June, with the option to order a burger and fries with it.

Chipotle also introduced a new burrito to the menu last year, adding an optional toppings option, and it has since added an avocado burrito option.

But in a statement to the Wall Street Journal, Chipotle said it was “deeply disappointed” with the customer who sent the letter, and said that it is currently working on an “appropriate response.”

“Our customer has asked to continue to use his choice of chips and sauce for his burrito,” Chipotle added.

“We will be taking further action as appropriate.”