New Delhi: Bollywood movies will be available for the first time in a public space in India’s capital city

The government has started streaming live movie shows in New Delhi’s Rajpath area, which will become the first city in the country to offer live entertainment and video streaming of popular films.

The new citywide streaming scheme, launched on Thursday, is part of a push to attract tourists, who make up a large part of the population in the capital, where Bollywood films make up around 50 per cent of the box office revenue.

According to a report by the industry body the National Council of Film Certification (NCFC), which is the regulator of theatres and film houses, the service will be launched on December 17, with movies including Salman Khan’s Dangal, Shailaja Kapoor’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Amitabh Bachchan’s Biju Majhoomi.

The new service is expected to attract around 1.5 million people a day.

“This is a big milestone.

The city is one of the most visited destinations in the world.

The idea is to provide a good entertainment experience to visitors.

We are very pleased to announce this initiative and have the ability to provide the best entertainment for visitors in the city,” said Rajiv Kumar, director general, NCCF.

According the official website of the NCFC, the scheme is being rolled out to attract the “biggest movie stars and movie fans in the Indian capital”.

The government hopes the new service will attract more visitors to the city by encouraging them to stay longer in the area and offer them more choice and amenities.

The announcement comes as Indian cinema continues to experience an upturn in popularity in the past few years.

The Indian film industry has a global reach and has also attracted a growing number of international visitors.

According to a study conducted by the research arm of the Film Institute of India (FI), out of the top 50 movies of 2016, over half were in the Hindi genre.

The number of foreign visitors in India rose from 27.9 million in 2014 to 30.7 million in 2016.

The city is home to some of the biggest Bollywood blockbusters, including Salman Rushdie’s Bapu and the film Dangaleer Baput, and other popular movies like Aarushi and Shabana Azmi’s The Big Sick.