What you need to know about the new PFE McDonalds dollar Menu

Posted November 17, 2018 09:08:18A new menu item for McDonalds in India has been launched.

The menu item, which was named “PFE”, was created by McDonalds India Pvt.

Ltd (MISSIL) on Wednesday and was announced in a video on its YouTube channel.

This is the second menu item in the line of PFE items that was introduced by the fast-food chain in the country.

Earlier in the year, the PFE, which is also known as the New York Dollar Menu, was introduced in the US.

The menu, which comes with a variety of McDonalds items such as Chicken McNuggets, Double-Double Fries, Chicken Short Ribs and McNuggets and fries, has been priced at Rs 9.50 ($1.60) for two items.

It will also be available for a limited time in select stores across the country, according to a company spokesperson.MISSIPEDIA.IN: This story was updated on November 17 to include the latest information on the McDonalds PFE menu item.