Whataburger’s $3,500 menu offers a taste of what is to come with the next iteration of its $3.8 billion acquisition of The Wall restaurant chain

Whataburgers is offering $3 million in restaurant upgrades, including a new menu featuring fresh meat and a “gourmet hamburger” with the help of The National Academy of Design, according to a release.

The menu will also feature a “monofilament” steakhouse that has been crafted with the “love and care” of The Academy of Dining, according the release.

The Monofilaments menu will include items like a $3 porterhouse with beef and bacon, as well as a “spicy” chicken burger and a $1.5 quesadilla.

The $3 burger, which was featured on The Oscars Red Carpet and will debut at The Wall in the fall, is said to feature a patty of smoked bacon, topped with a tomato relish, a side of lettuce and a side salad.

The Monofils menu is said for The Wall, The Hollywood Palladium and The Palms at The Plaza.