Why the UK is becoming the world’s first country to outlaw all but the most hardcore pornography

The UK has become the first country in the world to outlaw the most extreme forms of pornography and a new crackdown has led to a rise in the number of prosecutions of men caught online.

The government is set to unveil new laws on Wednesday, with a ban on the most serious offenders expected to include those caught downloading and selling child pornography.

There is no indication yet if the laws will apply to other types of pornography.

Pornography that is viewed by more than five people is already illegal, but the government wants to extend the ban to a wider range of material, including images of children, sex acts with animals and explicit material.

“We need to make it absolutely clear that pornography is against the law and that it’s unacceptable in the UK,” Home Secretary Amber Rudd said.

She added that the government would publish new rules by the end of this year.

“The laws that we’re introducing today will be more than just new laws,” she said.

“They will also make the UK safer, stronger and more prosperous.”

In the UK, it is illegal to produce or distribute child pornography, but a range of other material, from explicit photographs of child sexual abuse to videos showing rape, is still illegal.

In March, a British judge ruled that a man was guilty of producing and distributing child pornography after he was caught on camera performing sexual acts on two children he had met online.