Why don’t farmers like to go to the farm?

A farmer in Israel’s Galilee province has made the news after a woman posted a Facebook post on social media that he had never been to his field, because he doesn’t like to eat.

On the post, the woman said she was in the middle of picking up some wheat from her farm when a group of men began harassing her and her family.

One of them threw a bucket of water at her head, the post said.

The woman was so shocked she called her boyfriend, who came and grabbed the man and pulled him out of the way.

The woman was treated by paramedics and released from the hospital.

The post was posted on Sunday by the Facebook page of the local agricultural organization, Yisrael, the village’s name for the Galilee region.

The group said the farmer had been eating the food he was supposed to be doing at the farm, but decided to leave it there after seeing some of the posts.

“The villagers here are not farmers, they’re not used to it.

We don’t like it,” said one of the farmers, who asked to be identified only as “Abi.”

Abi said the farmers he works with have complained to the village administration but so far no one has listened to them.

“I don’t think we should go to their fields,” he said.

Abi, who also owns a shop selling vegetables and other produce to the local community, said the village has a good relationship with the farmers but it was still an uncomfortable experience for the majority of them.

“They’re used to seeing farmers come to their land, to their farms, and to the fields,” said Abi.

“They don’t have the time to visit the fields.

They have to go home.””

I don to work with them to get what we want,” he added.

“When we’re not at home, we can’t even get a job.”

In Israel, a farmer is considered to be “mazal” — a person who has done work on the land.

But that doesn’t mean he’s considered a farmer.

The law allows farmers to work at their farms or at any time they want, but they are forbidden from owning land.

The farm owner, who has not been identified by The Jerusalem Times, said he was trying to change his ways.

“I am the village steward.

I am the farmer.

I’m the person who makes sure the fields are healthy,” he told The Jerusalem News.

The farmers’ group told The Times that they have filed several complaints with the police, and that their next steps are to reach out to the state authorities, the police and the police union.

The Farm Ministry told The News that it had taken “measures to prevent the spread of hatred and harassment toward farmers and their families.”

“It’s an attempt to silence farmers and to restrict their rights.

The government is committed to combating hate and discrimination in all its forms,” the ministry said in a statement.