Bible: New Bible with an ‘unusual twist’ – Christian Science Monitor

JUBA, Senegal – A new Bible with a unique twist has been unveiled in Senegal as the first in the world to have a Quran in the back, according to a Christian Science monitor report.

The Bible, which was unveiled by the Christian Science University in Dakar, has been a gift from the church for the next three years.

It was unveiled at the University’s Faculty of Divinity on Thursday.

“The Bible is unique and special.

It has a Quran written on it.

It is an interesting text and it is a blessing for Christians in Senegal,” said Christian Science professor Mairem Salloul.

The university was set up in 2000 and its main mission is to encourage people to pray, read and study.

Its president, Adama Ndukata, said the Bible was the only Bible in Senegal and he hoped to encourage more people to read it.

“This Bible is the most beautiful book of the Bible, it is the book that has saved millions of Christians, the Bible that is the reason why the majority of people are Christian,” he said.

The new Bible is in the same category as the Quran in Senegal.

It contains the Koran, a sacred book that is also the second-most read in Senegal after the Bible.

Salloul said the new Bible had been made possible thanks to the donations of Christians who had joined him in the study of the Quran.

“I am really grateful to the Christian community, I want to say to them that you are our hope, that you will be able to bring this Bible to us,” he told reporters.