Wendy’s menu: Boston Market, Wings, Wings of China

Boston Market and Wendy’s have teamed up to launch their new Boston Market menu in partnership with the Boston Food and Beverage Authority (BFBA).

The new menu, which will be available nationwide, is available for purchase at Wendy’s, Wendy’s Boston Market locations and the Wings of Asia website.

The BFBA will serve up the menu in addition to the Boston Market items on the menu.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Wendy’s to offer Boston Market’s signature menu, Wings and Wings of Beijing, and we look forward to sharing the deliciousness of Boston Market with the BFBA customers in the coming months,” Wendy’s CEO Bob Stauffer said.

Wings of Shanghai, the new restaurant, will debut in early March, while Wings of Singapore will launch later in March.

The Wings of Vietnam will debut later this year.

“Wendys Boston Market is the best value in Boston, and the BFAA is the first destination to bring the iconic Wings of Boston Marketplace to life,” BFBA Executive Director Michelle DeMarco said.

“With Wings of Changan, the BFRA is celebrating the rich history of Wings of the World, the iconic Boston Market restaurants and Wendy and Bob’s passionate dedication to serving the Boston market, the ultimate in food and beverage, with Wings of Wings.”

The BFRA will also offer more than 70 specialty restaurants from Boston, including Wings of America, Wings Of China, Wings Off China, Wing of America Cantonese, Wings From China Cantonesa, Wings To Vietnam, Wings And Wings Of Asia, Wings Wings of Korea, Wings Out of China, and Wings Of Vietnam Cantonesse.

For more information, visit http://www.bostonfood.org/boston-market.html.

Wings is one of the world’s largest and most beloved restaurants.

Its location in the heart of Boston’s historic district has attracted more than 40 million visitors a year since opening its doors in 2007.

The restaurant’s signature restaurant dishes are its hot wings, chicken salad, chicken soup, and its famous bao bao chicken.

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