Which dish will go the furthest?

Menu changes at Shake Shack in Cork, Ireland have raised eyebrows after one of the menu items was deemed to be too spicy.RTE reports the menu item was labelled as “Chili peppers and chillies”, while a picture of the item was posted to the social media app Instagram.

The restaurant, which is owned by the popular Irish food group Lidl, has since posted an apology on its website, saying that “some of our products have been tweaked and have been rebranded”.

It has also stated that “the ingredients that we use have been carefully sourced”.

While the restaurant is not naming the original restaurant, the original recipe was posted on the Shake Shack Facebook page.

The menu item had previously been offered in a chili-pesto version.

While the Shake Hut website did not state the source of the recipe, it does say the “pestilent” chili peppers and the chillies were sourced from a local supplier.

It has since been deleted from the social networking site.

The apology also stated: “We would like to sincerely apologise for any offence caused by the previous ingredient.

We have removed the offending ingredient from the menu and will be making it clear to customers that we will not be accepting any future purchases from this restaurant.