A Roadhouse menu with a few new ingredients

This is a bit of a mashup. 

The menu for the Drakes restaurant on Adelaide’s northern beaches was first seen at the 2015 Roadhouse festival.

It includes the likes of a grilled chicken with spinach, grilled lamb with red sauce, and grilled veal with roasted tomatoes, all on grilled rolls with roasted peppers.

But the real draw of the menu is its inclusion of the new ingredients that have been rolled out to the wider menu. 

First up, a new ingredient, “sea salt”. 

“This ingredient is an ingredient from a variety of sources.

Some people use it as an ingredient in their food.

Some use it in their drinks.

Some add it to meat or chicken,” says owner Mark.

“There are lots of different things you can use it for.

It’s really quite a simple ingredient to add, so we have made a lot of the dishes to suit it.”

The first ingredient to appear on the Draes menu is “sea cucumber”.

“It’s not seaweed, it’s actually a type of seaweed.

It grows on the beach and you can grow it on the rocks, and you don’t need to have a lot to get it to grow,” says Mark.

“So we added it as part of the ingredients that you’re going to find on the menu, which is really good.

We like it a lot.”

For those who don’t fancy a trip to the beach, Mark says the menu has been designed to provide a good balance between the traditional dishes of beef and fish and the more modern fare of salad, entrees, and a couple of desserts.

The menu is also set to include a few tweaks to the menu that mark the arrival of the Draas’ third generation of staff, including a change to the recipe for the signature dish, “Buckwheat Bread”.

It’s a recipe that’s been around for a while now and Mark says he’s used to it.

He says it’s something he’s been making for a long time.

“[It’s] a bit like the traditional British bread.

It has a bit more flour, but it’s still very thin and crispy, and it’s a bit different to the British bread that you find at other places.

It was a good recipe for us to take it over, so I’ve got to say it’s been a great addition to the Draisas menu,” he says.

Mark says there’s also a new drink in the menu.

“(The) Draas has always been known for its strong drinks.

The Drais has always had strong drinks, and this new drink has gone down really well.

It tastes like a very strong drink, and we’ve used it a couple times.”

While the Draves are currently closed for the summer, they’re open for business for the winter season.

It’ll be interesting to see how the menu evolves as it does for the rest of the year, and Mark’s got a couple more ideas.

For now, the menu for The Draes is on sale at the restaurant for $18.50 per person, and is available to purchase online, from 11am on Monday, or by phone from 1pm on Thursday.

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