How to change your sonic menu prices

zippydish menu prices have been updated. 

Now they’ll be the same price as in-game ones. 

And the new menu prices also appear on the page in the menu bar, not just in the top right corner. 

So the only way to change them is to open up the menu and click the gear icon.

 You’ll see the prices in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. 

The old menu prices appear as a blue box, like the ones you see on Amazon.

This is the new default menu prices.

Here you can change them yourself.

And now you can choose your own menu price in the new “settings” section.

The default prices have changed to be more consistent with the game, too.

In this screenshot, you can see the old prices for each of the six options: “Titles”, “Audio”, “Sound”, “Music”, “Visual” and “Options”.

This means you’ll see all six of these in your game’s settings menu, but the default prices are different.

They are now also listed on the right-side of the menu.

All prices are in dollars.

These are the prices for the “Towers” menu, the “Music” menu and the “Visual Options”.

The old “Tower” menu prices were based on the retail price of $49.99.

Now the default price for the towers is $29.99 (inclusive of shipping, taxes, and any other additional charges). 

“Music” is the “Audio” menu. 

“Visual Options” are the “Options” menu items. 

There’s also an option to turn the default “Music menu prices” back to their previous “Tiles” prices. 

This makes it so that the “Sound menu prices”, “Toys”, “Items” and all the other “Visual menu prices” will be the prices you’ll actually see in-battle.

I haven’t found any problems with this change, though I’ve noticed that I might have to wait a little longer for the game to load before my options are as accurate as they once were.

As you might expect, the new settings page has been redesigned to include the option to change prices for individual options as well.

It’s also easier to find out how to use the new options.

If you want to see what the new and old settings pages look like, you’re on the correct page.

Edit: New settings page added, and the new defaults have changed!