How to make a beautiful French Madeleine with your family and friends

I’m sure you’ve seen these beautiful French madeleines, but I’ve only ever seen the ones with the sauce. 

I was in love with this one.

I’ve been thinking about making a version with chicken and beef, but then I thought, “What if I make one with beef?” 

I’m not a big fan of chicken and I know the beef is the best in the world. 

And I’m pretty sure there are no good beef recipes out there that include chicken. 

So I’m making one with chicken, but without the sauce, which is my favorite part of the dish. 

If you want to try this one out, you’ll want to make sure you buy the best beef that you can find in your area. 

(If you have access to one, you can also make a vegetarian version, but this is a really great vegetarian recipe for the meat lovers who love steak.) 

You can also use other types of beef for this.

You can use pork, veal, or beef liver.

You might even add some bacon and mushrooms for an added twist. 

Here are some more options for the sauce: Lettuce Salad – this recipe is a great one for summer.

It’s super easy to make, has a really flavorful sauce, and it’s perfect for a salad.

You’ll need about 6 to 8 tablespoons of lettuce. 

Celery Salad – I love this recipe, because it’s a great salad with just about anything, and the vegetables are great for summer or for a potluck or picnic.

You’re probably going to want about 6 cups of celery. 

Green Salad – The greens here are super delicious and the dressing is great.

I used one can of green peas instead of the traditional chopped. 

Tuna Salad – This is a classic that’s been around for generations.

It tastes really good and the sauce is so delicious.

You should make it with just tuna, and you can always add some shrimp, if you like. 

Chicken Salad – Chicken salad is also a classic. 

This recipe is very easy to do and tastes just like chicken, which means you can make it in any size.

You could even make it bigger if you want, though I like the smaller ones. 

Fry the chicken in a little olive oil on a grill. 

Drain the chicken and set it aside. 

Throw some of the dressing on the chicken.

Add the tomatoes, spinach, and red onion and cook for about 5 minutes. 

Pour the dressing over the chicken, toss the chicken with some salt and pepper, and enjoy.