Which is the best chicken and rice dish in your house?

When you’re looking for the best restaurant-service food, there are two key ingredients to look for: price and the quality of the food.

For that reason, a simple search on Google for the word “pizza” will lead you to the top-ranked restaurants in the US.

However, a search on Yelp for “pizzas” will reveal a wide range of restaurants in cities like San Francisco, New York, Boston, and Philadelphia, all of which are well-known for their food.

So which is the better restaurant-side meal, chicken or rice?

To find out, we asked four chefs to share their picks for the top 10 best chicken or white rice dishes.1.

Chicken and rice: Peking duck soup, duck meatball soup, and the perfect fried egg2.

Beef and rice (and other dishes): Beef short ribs, beef short ribs stew, and an extra spicy beef sauce3.

Chicken soup: Fried chicken, a chicken curry, and a dish of crispy fried chicken with spicy soy sauce4.

Chicken nuggets: Chicken nugget soup, fried chicken, and chicken nuggets.

The Best of the Best: Beef short rib soup with sweet potatoes and a creamy spicy broth5.

Beef nuggets soup: Beef nugger soup, sweet potatoes, and beef nuggets6.

Chicken Nuggets: Fried Chicken, a crispy chicken, nuggets, and fried chicken.7.

Beef Soup: Chicken soup, chicken, rice, and sauce.8.

Curry: Chicken curry, chicken and beef, rice and sweet potato.9.

Chicken stew: Chicken stew, chicken curry and sweet potatoes.10.

Beef Curry: Beef curry, beef curry and beef curry.