‘I’m not going to put it on the menu’: Family in Sydney’s east faces hunger strike as they defy government’s ban on meat

LOUISE WATERS, NSW – In Sydney’s north-west, thousands of families are protesting against a government ban on beef and lamb, saying they can’t bear to eat the meat, which they consider to be an “unhealthy, unhealthy, unhealthy animal”.

Hundreds of families have marched through the streets of the city to protest against the ban, which was introduced last week.

They said they would only eat the beef if the government gave them “a reasonable time to find a way of living together without eating this animal.”

“We are not going anywhere,” one woman told the ABC, referring to the ban.

“I don’t have any time to go anywhere, I have no choice but to stay here.”

The group also called on the government to “remove all the obstacles and stop this barbaric, cruel act” of banning meat.

In an Instagram post, the NSW Farmers Federation said the government’s “immoral, discriminatory and racist” ban “is unjustifiable and is harmful to the livelihoods of the farmers, the animals and to the people of NSW.”

However, they said the ban was necessary because of “the rising demand for fresh meat” and a “growing fear of disease”.

The farm workers also called for a boycott of the beef industry, which employs thousands.

Fellow protesters in Sydney were also outraged by the ban as they said it was “completely unnecessary” and that it would lead to “a loss of the farm workforce.”

Hundreds have taken part in the protest in Sydney, including many who work in the beef and pork industry.

Sydney’s farmer unions have condemned the ban and said it will harm the dairy industry.

The NSW Farmers Union (NSFWU) called on members to protest on Monday.

It said it would also demand the meat industry lift the ban by Tuesday, as a protest against what it called “a racist, discriminatory, anti-democratic, anti-[national] and anti-worker” ban.

“This is a ban that will not only harm the farm workers who are involved in the production of beef, but will also negatively impact our local dairy industry, our local meat industry, and the people who work on our farms,” a spokesman said.

“We will continue to demonstrate and hold rallies across NSW, and we will continue our campaigns to end this unjustifiable ban.”

Labor has also called the ban “unnecessary” and has called for the meat and dairy industry to lift it by Tuesday.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has said she would meet with the industry to discuss lifting the ban later this week.

However, she has also pledged to take the matter to the Supreme Court if it is not lifted by then.

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