How to order the best bagels in La Hacienda

The La Hacenda in Paris is a place of magic.

It’s one of the world’s most famous tourist attractions.

Its a place where you can eat bagels and have your cake and eat it too.

But the La Hancis bagels are a culinary wonder of their own.

They’re made with a unique, unique sauce that’s unique to Paris.

It takes about one hour to make a bagel, according to the French bagel company La Hoc.

And the first thing you’ll notice when you try it is that it’s incredibly soft.

“They’re not as thick as you think,” says Jacques Proux, head of the Paris restaurant La Hacc.

It was a challenge to create a soft, delicious bagel that would be as soft as a paper towel.

And, Prouy says, “you don’t see bagels like this in the US.”

It took him about six weeks to come up with a soft bagel recipe that would work on both a traditional French bagels, as well as the bagels made in La Hab.

“We wanted to try to have a good quality and quality of flavours, which is important in this restaurant, and I think we succeeded,” he says.

“Our bagels have a really good consistency.”

And the bagel is made with all-purpose flour.

That means you’ll end up with bagels that are as soft and fluffy as paper towels.

Prouys bagels can be eaten cold or with a side of your choice of bread.

“It’s really delicious and we have lots of people coming here and asking for it,” he adds.

“People are always asking us, ‘what are the best ways to eat the bages?'”

La Hoca, the company behind the bageling, hopes to eventually expand the menu to include other foods and products.

“The more we create the menu, the more the guests will love it and the more we will see more people coming to eat.”